Casablanca Ceiling Fans Review

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Talking about fans which have some of the best quality parts, Casablanca ceiling fans practically offer everyone different quality jobs at different seasons and weathers all through the year. These ceiling fans come with heavy gauge copper wiring which makes them superior to most other fans in their categories and sizes.

Apart from the thick copper wires that are in-built in the Casablanca fans, there are also available lifetime lubricated precision ball bearings which are maintenance free for a life time usage. These fans optimize little energy especially with their XLP lines which only draw only 1 Amp {approximately 100 watts of light bulb} measurement of energy. The implication of this energy conserving mechanism of Casablanca ceiling fans is that you only spend 1 cent a day to run them.

These fans are economical in that they use 50 percent less energy than that of an air conditioner. Another superior feature of these ceiling fans is that they come with patented Silent-Flex flywheel that prevents awful sounds and eliminates the vibration effects from the ceiling fan.

Casablanca ceiling fans are compatible with any rooms of an apartment. With these fans, you can either decrease or raise the room temperature depending on how you can optimize the fans. This can actually cut the cost of cooling down your room especially during the summer months by around 40%. Casablanca fans work by ensuring an updraft that will reticule the warm air located at the top of the room. This recirculation effect will thus allow you to lower the thermostat a little, and this will in turn lower the heating costs for the home.

The energy conservation effect of a typical Casablanca fan is brought about by its quality design, the fan works smarter and it is very efficient. Each element found in all Casablanca fans have been adjusted to cut and save energy costs. Even the Casablanca motor is quite powerful and can move more cubic feet of air per minute (CFM) using less energy supply.

Casablanca ceiling fans come with lifetime warranty. Their fan blades have been adjusted to function at optimum pitch to provide maximum airflow at each setting. Each fan has been designed to consume the same amount of power an 100 watt light bulb will consume thereby making them some of the most economical in the market.

The forward and reverse settings of Casablanca ceiling fans can be used to control its effect and efficiencies. These reverse and forward controls ensure maximum regulation of temperatures during winter and summer seasons, Casablanca fans can also ensure that consumers save up to 40% on cooling costs and 10% on heating costs at different seasons of the year.

Due to their durable and stable nature, Casablanca ceiling fans require little maintenance costs especially those that results from electrical and mechanical problems. The fans have been structured to adapt to different room and weather conditions, hence they require less adjustments and maintenance. Casablanca fans are simply some of the best in the market today.

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Casablanca Ceiling Fans Review

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This article was published on 2010/04/01