Overview of Mechanical Fans

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Handheld fans were initially used for keeping air in flow and staying cool, however, things changed and the way people cool themselves was totally revolutionized. This article gives a concise overview of mechanical fans and how they came into being.

Fans are being used for ventilation and cooling purposes for last many decades with hand-held fans being the first of the kind that were used by men and women alike to cool themselves and were more of personal fans. Things changed as innovation altered the way things worked as electricity was discovered by Thomas Edison and in 1882 the first electric of mechanical fans were invented.


In the post First World War era ladies' fans lost their popularity with continuing fall in their usage. The first mechanical fans were introduced that worked on electricity.


The initial design was for large-scale industrial purpose but later the manufactures used smaller components to produce fans suitable for domestic purpose with less noise while they operate. Some of these domestic fans were also introduced with a light bulb option which could be turned on to reduce the speed of fan.


These mechanical fans operate on electricity that turns the mechanical components. Electricity energizes the motor which rotates the shaft. To the other end of shaft fan blades are connected and they rotate with the velocity of shaft causing an air flow.


The original design of fans has changed with passage of time to suit the changing needs. Commonly used types of domestic fans are pedestal fans, bracket fans, exhaust fans, ceiling fans and others that are used in automobiles and in industries.


Pedestal fans are easy to position and shift between rooms. They can be adjusted to appropriate height and can even be made to revolve to blow air covering a wider area. The bracket fans also revolve like pedestal fans except that they can’t be moved, they are fixed on walls. In the same way ceiling fans are fixed on roofs and blow air in a one direction only. The exhaust fans, however, take in air rather than blowing air and are mostly used in places where there is high heat discharge rate.

Latest fans, nowadays, work on batteries and are more personalized as compared to other fans providing ventilation and air for a single person and some fans even blow cooled and filtered air. They are portable and can be carried outdoors on especially during humid summer days.


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Overview of Mechanical Fans

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Overview of Mechanical Fans

This article was published on 2011/06/21