What Is Axial Fans?

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Fans are rotating blades which are used to create a flow within air. Axial fans are one of three main types of fans used for controlling air, centrifugal and cross flow being the other two. These three types are the most common types of the fans and are used in many different ways in our lives.

Axial fans have blades circulating on a shaft, and they control air parallel to that shaft. They blow the air along the fan, which is where the name axial comes from. These are one of the most common styles of fan, and they are used in many different situations. The small fans in electronics or more known as exhaust fans, such as the one in your computer that stops your CPU from overheating, are axial fans. They can be on a very large scale as well, such as the big fans used in tunnels or industrial buildings that could almost make you fly.

The most common example of an axial fan is a ceiling fan or electric fan, powered by a switch on the wall or a hanging cord or recently a remote control. The movement of the fan cools the temperature hence ventilating the room. Also, axial fans are used in vehicles to cool the engine down and prevent it from overheating, which would cause a breakdown.

When choosing a fan, you need to consider the axial fan manufacturer, some would require the volume, the fan static pressure and also the type of material they use on the fan and an example of that is a radial-blade fan, that uses fibrous material on heavy dust loads, and non-sparking material must be used with explosive or easy to burn materials.

One should also consider on axial fans manufacturers the type of drive arrangement, such as the direct drive or belt drive, the space that was being required and also the noise levels. Leading manufacturers would also think about the low maintenance and high efficiency of the product and sees to it that any special needs such as anti corrosive materials would be tested to bring a high performance fans.

There are a lot of axial fan manufacturers globally and most of them are being advertised online. These manufacturers have different types of axial fans depending on your need, various manufacturers also offers discounts, free shipping, 1 year warranty and more. Most manufacturers would even claim they are the number one manufacturer.

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What Is Axial Fans?

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This article was published on 2010/10/07